Healthy Employees Are Better Employees.

As an emerging direct primary care (DPC) model, we typically contract with self-funded or self-insured employers who provide direct primary care as an option for employees seeking office visits without fees. Since employees are able to see their healthcare provider more quickly due to same-day and next-day visits, workers’ health concerns can be treated swiftly which reduces the number of sick days needed and increases productivity. On-Site Medical Care also provides your employees with unlimited access to their provider with a line that they can call or text giving them the chance to seek medical advice without having to leave work.

The Savings Makes Sense

40% to 60% in savings for your employee’s healthcare benefits when you combine a high deductible insurance plan with an On-Site membership for full coverage.

DPC For Employees

Prospective and current employees value health benefits provided by companies. Your business is offering an affordable alternative payment model that aims to improve access to healthcare for everyone through a simple, affordable membership.

Healthcare Is Wealth

Generating exceptional satisfaction, and less staff turnover can be a great challenge that includes many factors. By offering On-Site Medical Care to your employees, and their families, a basic need for security is met.

Our data shows consistent Cost Savings and unprecedented ROI:

Prescription Medication: Average of $15-20,000 per quarter
Laboratory: Average of $8-12,000 per quarter
ER Usage: Decreased to less than 10% of work force

Net Employer Savings

  • $1,200 to $2,000 per employee per year
  • $1.20MM to $2.00MM for every 1,000 employees
  • 15-20% on Total Healthcare Spend

Total Employee Savings

  • $500 per employee per year (PPO Plans)
  • $1,800 per employee per year (High Deductible Health Plans)
Traditional Medicine  On-Site Medical Care
Average ER Visit  $2,800  Included 
Urgent Care Visit  $400  Included 
HgbA1c (Diabetes)  $84  $6 
Cholesterol Panel  $128  $4 
MRI  $3,000  $550 
CT Scan  $2,000  $500 
XRAY  $500  $60 
Copay  $40  $0 

Choose OSMC to Manage Population Health

Executive Benefits 

  • CEOs build a great company & brand 
  • CFOs achieve better margins & cost control 
  • CHROs build a high-performance workforce 
  • Benefits executives offer benefits that employees can actually use 

Employee Benefits 

  • Working parents don’t skip work to attend to a sick child 
  • Sales reps with health issues don’t miss quotas 
  • Software engineers don’t miss deadlines to see doctors 
  • Workers don’t forego care due to cost 

Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, and Texas.

Hear Directly From Business Owners That Have Partnered With Us.

“Three years ago, I embarked on a journey with Jennifer Hawkins, DMS, PA-C, to change the way small companies can better provide quality, 24/7 healthcare from a professional that truly cares about the patient. Jenn and her team created a new model of On-Site Health care that heretofore had never been attempted nor accomplished.

Fast forward 3 years and we now have best in class on-site care that places the patient first above all else. There is never a feeling of being rushed, being a number or simply just another “paycheck”. She and her team have true compassion for their patients and will stop at nothing to ensure they receive the best healthcare available.

Our claims have decreased significantly due to the preventative model she employs, and the facts speak for themselves. Better healthcare, reduced incidents of chronic conditions and overall, a MUCH healthier employee population along with their families. This family in our company is my number one priority and ensuring timely, best in class healthcare, coupled with accessibility is top on my priority list.

Jenn and her team provide all of that and more. Without any reservation, I would recommend Jennifer and her team for anyone’s healthcare needs. She is our “Angel” and has improved the lives of the 170 families that call our company home.”

-Mike, President