On-Site Medical Care

Direct Primary Care

Healthcare for you and your family.

Our patients pay a low monthly fee independent of insurance.

Same day healthcare!

Same Day Care

Technology meets convenience. Coupled with an old-school approach and relationship with your doctor, our practice delivers same day or next day care. And we can come to you!

Low Monthly Fee

No co-pays. No pre-authorizations. No middleman known as health insurance dictating your health care.

Telemed Services Available

Sometimes you just can’t get out of bed or other circumstances keep you from coming to us. That’s okay. We can come to you.

On-Site Medical Care

Direct Primary Care

Healthcare, the way it should be.

Direct Primary Care is the future of healthcare, and our medical teams are proud to bring this personalized healthcare service to our communities of Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, and Texas. Office visits, phone calls, texts, email, and virtual visits are all the ways we encourage communication with each of our patients. Our Primary Care Physicians provide 80% to 90% of your healthcare needs and refer patients to local specialists who we have a close relationship with and personally know ourselves.

Licensed in Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, and Texas.

  • From adult and pediatric care to chronic disease management, we bring unlimited primary care to our members.
  • We limit our practice to less than 500 patients, meaning more personal time is spent between you and your doctor.
  • With your On-Site Doc, Urgent Care costs are dramatically reduced and E.R. visits are cut in half in both time & money.
  • Our on-site pharmacy provides members with substantial savings on low-cost, generic medications.


On-Site Medical Care
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Local Healthcare At Your Fingertips

Why On Site Medical Care?

Imagine it’s Friday night and your child is running a fever. Instead of waiting hours in an ER lobby or an acute care clinic, you can call or text us and receive prompt medical care. Not only are we saving you time and money, but more importantly your child is being expeditiously taken care of. We provide up to 90% of healthcare needs and refer patients to local specialists who we have a close relationship with. Veteran-owned and operated, our goal is to re-define both health & care in Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, and Texas. Say goodbye to the middle man of insurance companies and say HELLO! to personalized, affordable doctor visits through our Direct Primary Care model.

Focused On You

Because we treat fewer patients than a typical doctor’s office, our medical teams can spend more personal time with you and your family. When your doctor is not actively seeing a patient, she is able to think of your needs more in-depth and research solutions specific to you and your health.

Healthy Employees are Better Employees

Did you know healthcare is rated by prospective employees as one of the most important benefits? A Business Membership with On-Site Medical Care is a benefit you can start offering to your employees and their families right now independent of open enrollment. Care for your employees with the convenience of same day or next day worksite visits, unlimited access to the Doc, wellness services, and much more!

Health & Wellness Testing

From drug/alcohol screening to COVID, PCR and Antibody testing, On-Site Medical Care is standing by. Whether it is a pre-employment drug screen, drug screen for college, or you are an employer wanting to set up a drug free workplace, contact us today!


We provide up to 90% of all primary healthcare needs, from pediatric care to chronic disease management.

On-Site Medical Care

On-Site Medical Care

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No insurance, no deductibles, no co-pays. Only the perfect balance between health & care that you can afford. Choose wellness and become a member of On-Site Medical Care today.